The Washington Post Highlights Holy Cross Political Science Professor’s Research on Mass Protests

Nina Barzachka examined the current political crisis in Bulgaria

Over the past six months, Bulgaria has been shaken by a wave of anti-government protests, with thousands of demonstrators demanding the resignation of its prime minister, but so far the unpopular regime has survived. Can these mass protests lead to actual change? 

Nina Barzachka, assistant professor of political science at the College of the Holy Cross, examined the current political crisis in Bulgaria in a co-authored article for The Washington Post.

According to Barzachka, whose most recent research focuses on why incumbents facing non-violent demonstrations resign or remain in office, "the strategy of ignoring peaceful demonstrations tends to be adopted by stable political regimes when protesters and opposition parties are not electoral threats and cannot offer clear political alternatives to the incumbents."

"That's the situation in Bulgaria today. Voters disapprove of Borisov's cabinet but it's unclear who would govern after snap elections," says Barzachka.

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