‘Ukrainians Are Teaching Us What It Means To Fight for Democracy. Is Higher Ed Paying Attention?,’ Says Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau

Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau. Photo by Avanell Chang

Times Higher Education

Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau recently penned a commentary for Times Higher Education, offering his perspective on the conflict in Ukraine and what it can teach colleges and universities about the fight for democracy.

"In poignant and herculean ways, Ukrainians are teaching a masterclass in the defense of democracy," said Rougeau. "Will American colleges and universities, ostensibly entrusted to educate the masses and further democracy, study this lesson from abroad – or continue to sleep through class?"

A nationally respected expert in legal education and Catholic social thought, Rougeau argued that higher education is "key to reassessing who we are as a nation and why we're tolerating such extreme division and deception."

"Ours is a far easier task [than that of Ukrainians]: to distribute truth and knowledge, support an informed and educated citizenry, value the dignity and worth of each individual, and pursue the common good, said Rougeau. "There is a major crisis in America, but we have rarely faced a less formidable foe."

To read the commentary, go to TimesHigherEducation.com.