Student Profile: Lorena Sferlazza ’15

'There is a transformation into adulthood that takes place when you study abroad — you gain responsibility and independence.'

HOMETOWN Norwalk, Conn.

ACADEMICS Italian and visual arts studio double major

ACTIVITIES College Honors Program, Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society, Charles A. Dana Scholar, Liturgical Ministry, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Admissions Outreach Program, MAGIS Program for Church Leadership, Visual Arts & Pre-Business Student Advisory Committees, Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies Summer Business Program

Why did you decide to come to Holy Cross? "When I came to visit, I was a bit unsure if the College was the right fit for me. A student in the Hogan Campus Center must have sensed my unease and approached me and introduced himself. He was a senior in the Honors Program in the process of writing his thesis. He asked me if I wanted to see the campus and if he could answer any questions. This encounter, although brief, showed me the type of student who goes to Holy Cross: a genuine and caring person who excels in a way that is considered humble to others."

Tell us a bit about your artwork. "My preferred medium is figurative oil painting. I am so intrigued by the human form and often paint in an abstract realistic style. I am preparing for two upcoming exhibitions in April: one temporary on-campus installation as part of my College Honors thesis, and the other a joint exhibition with my peers from the senior studio major seminar at the Cantor Art Gallery. My senior honors thesis explores the symbolism of human suffering in a Christian context through theological and philosophical discussion. The pieces I’m creating in addition to my written thesis feature close-up wounds of the body that are rich in color and texture. When I am not creating my own art, I enjoy going out into the community and attending art exhibits. Last summer — through the Holy Cross Summer Internship Program — I worked at Art in General, a contemporary nonprofit gallery in New York City that assists artists with the production and presentation of new work. I really loved engaging in the New York art scene, learning about the major events in the contemporary art world, and being exposed to international artists."

What has been your best experience at Holy Cross and why? "The opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, for a year was truly a gift. I was really excited to explore my family’s Italian roots and all the Renaissance art. There is a transformation into adulthood that takes place when you study abroad — you gain responsibility and independence. I am grateful to have attended three different schools in Florence while still being able to intern at an art auction house and tutor English to local elementary school students. The year was intense but transformative in the most positive and unforgettable ways."