Russia Stands to Benefit From Political Unrest in Bulgaria, Says Holy Cross Political Science Professor

Nina Barzachka headshot

The Washington Post

Bulgaria seems poised for new parliamentary elections after the country's main opposition party was unable to form a government this past week. How will Bulgaria’s crisis affect its relations with the West, but also with Russia?

Nina Barzachka, assistant professor of political science at the College of the Holy Cross specializing in European politics, examined the current political crisis in Bulgaria in a co-authored article for The Washington Post.

According to Barzachka, the balancing act between the West and Russia could become more difficult to maintain under the current climate of political unrest, which could favor the Russians. "If Bulgaria's political crisis hampers the European Union's expansion in the Western Balkans, this could weaken the European and transatlantic positions in the region,'' says Barzachka. "Russia stands to benefit [from that]."

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