'Race to the Start' Documentary Premieres on Campus

The film highlights the 50-year history of the Black Student Union at Holy Cross

"We were all fashioned by the events in history we found ourselves in. What we saw, what went on, how we dealt with our relationships — all came as our being members of the Holy Cross community," Art Martin '70, co-founder of the Black Student Union (BSU) at the College of the Holy Cross told a room full of students, faculty, staff and alumni after a viewing of "Race to the Start" on February 18.

Kona Khasu '92 created the 45-minute documentary in honor of the BSU's 50th anniversary year. Khasu's work — which included extensive interviews and archival footage of the College — was showcased on campus to a full house. After the film, a nine-person panel of current students and alumni — including Art Martin '70, Eddie Jenkins '72, Payton Shubrick '15, Nakyah Lucas '20, Dianne Jemmott '77, Feleicia Jeter '20, Jordyn Shubrick '22, Debroah Hodges-Pabón '87 and Kona Khasu '92 — reflected on the piece and answered questions about their experiences in the BSU.

Payton Shubrick expressed how being a BSU alumna is about "being given a charge to uphold the torch" that the group represents.

"There's something about an openness to change and wanting to do better that paved the way to what I am doing today."