Photos: ArtsWorcester Showcases Holy Cross Talent at Annual Exhibition

The show, which is open to the public, brought in a crowd of over 480 attendees on its opening day. Eva Fierst, from the University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass Amherst, served as the juror for this year"s show, presenting seven students with recognition awards, including recent alumnus John Gallagher '16, who was recognized for his installation, "Layered Landscapes – Canyon."

"The College Art Show is a venue for sampling the best work by student artists from across Worcester," said Michael Beatty, associate professor of visual arts and acting chair of the visual arts department. "It's a great opportunity to showcase the imaginative work that Holy Cross and other students are engaged in, while connecting the colleges within the greater Worcester community."

Explore the Holy Cross works feature in the show below:

"Layered Landscapes – Canyon" by John Gallagher '16

Digital painting, matte paper, foam, wood, and string, 41" x 26" x 5.5"

Gallagher was a visual art studio major.

"Lepidopterist" by Allison Thiel '17

Oil paint and collage on canvas, 50" x 60"

"Lepidopterist" is a piece inspired by the relationships between people and the environment, as well as between people and the natural world. Thiel explains, "I wanted to put the observer back into the setting she observes. In adding her to the image, the lepidopterist (a person that studies moths) becomes a specimen in the print as well." Thiel uses "Lepidopterist" to show the irony of how scientific illustration strives to understand and emulate nature, yet at the same time sets the human and nature further apart. Thiel is a visual art studio major and visual art history minor.

"Iguazu" by Charles Suse '17

Digital photograph on premium luster photo paper, 6" x 8"

Shot at the Cataratas de Iguazu, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, "Iguazu" lays at the border of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. While creating "Iguazu," Suse played with the way the light reflected off the positive and negative spaces of the murky, brown water against the waterfall to produce the illusion of an oil painting. Suse is an international studies major.

"Old Eye" by Katherine Love '17

Watercolor and oil bar on paper, 18" diameter

Inspired by the medical and anatomical imagery of the world of biology, Katherine Love uses art to explore how the hard data and soft imagery of medicine can displace the biological condition of the individual. "Old Eye" is an abstracted representation of macular degeneration, an age-related disease of the retina. Love is a biology major.

"Lost" by Kei Ving Wong '17

Pinhole camera, white photo paper, 60" width x 24" height

While wandering around the streets of Siena, Italy, Wong found moments where she was physically, emotionally, or spiritually unsure of where she was going, or what her next step would be. "Lost" (detailed above) is a self-potrait series that pays tribute to her feelings and mental state during this time period. Wong is a chemistry and visual art studio double major.

"Aquis Draconis" by Timothy Gardner '17

Tom bow ink pens, Higgins ink, micron pens on mixed media paper, 17"x 22"

Fascinated by traditional naturalist illustrations, Gardener became increasingly drawn to the complex forms of fish during his semester abroad at Turks and Caicos Islands. His observations prompted him to create "Aquis Draconis," where he explores the use of modern media in reporting and translating marine life from his field sketchbook into interpretive, visual language. Gardner is a biology major, and environmental studies and visual art studio double minor.

"Siena" by Aiden Duffy '17

Silver, bronze, and bamboo, five pieces of 2" jewelry

Duffy is a visual art studio major.

"Uplifted" by Demetrius Wilson '18

Intaglio ink on paper, 22.375" x 18.5"

Wilson uses his artwork as his way of "offering to the world — to liberate and give hope to people." Drawing upon his experiences growing up with strong women who have shaped his character and his success, he created "Uplifted" as a symbol of women empowerment, social justice, and love. Wilson is a visual art studio major.

"Going With My Gut" by Katherine MacMullin '18

Paper and ink, one of three 8" x 11" papers

When MacMullin was given the assignment to create a graphic novel about identity, she wanted to create a work that was meaningful and personal, but also relatable to her audience. "Going With My Gut" (detailed above) is a series that displays MacMullin's personal struggles, but at the very core shows the emotional, physical, and social challenges that may come with a changing diet. MacMullin is a mathematics major and visual art studio minor.

Untitled by Ryan Hatfield '18

Wire, 19" x 9" x 9"

Hatfield is an economics major.

"Pavlovian Rite" by Mae-Chu O'Connell '19

Digital print on premium luster paper, 16" x 9"

"Pavlovian Rite" was taken during an annual pheasant-hunting trip. Each aspect of the photograph speaks to different part of O'Connell's experiences and values. From the rustling bushes to hunting dog Luna, they all bring back nostalgic memories and represent a crucial part of the O'Connell family tradition. O'Connell is a psychology major.

"Glass Views" by Murphy Grady '20

Graphite pencil and turpentine on paper, 8" x 10.5"

While exploring different forms of media, Grady found herself particularly drawn to one subject matter: glass. Over the past year, she has dedicated her artwork to studying the abstraction of glass and the way it functions as a system. Grady continues to study the ever-changing characteristics of glass, watching it "transform, extract, distort, enhance, create, and reflect" without barriers or limitations. Grady is undeclared.

Not pictured: "Serenade" by Theresa Gervais '20