Pandemic-Induced Supply Chain Woes Could Lead to Opportunity This Holiday Season, Says Holy Cross Professor

Ellis Jones, associate professor of sociology

Boston Business Journal

Some experts say that local small businesses offering handcrafted goods could see a sales resurgence this holiday season, their products looking more appealing than ever to customers concerned with supply chain issues persisting worldwide.

In a recent Boston Business Journal interview, Ellis Jones, associate professor of sociology at the College of the Holy Cross, likened this occurrence to the emergence of craft brewers and their fight against Big Beer’s market monopoly, a movement he spent years researching. 

"It's so important that consumers support anyone who is trying to do a local effort," said Jones, a scholar of ethical consumerism and author of the book "The Better World Shopping Guide," which translates the social and environmental records of companies into a rating on an A-to-F scale for use by consumers.

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