The Olympics Should Find a Permanent Home, Says Holy Cross Economics Professor

Victor Matheson, professor of economics. Photo by Tom Rettig

Teen Vogue

Should the Olympics find a permanent home instead of moving from one host city to another?

Teen Vogue recently sought the insight of Victor Matheson, professor of economics at Holy Cross and a renowned sports economist, on this issue. 

Matheson, who co-authored a study in 2016 on the economic impact of the Olympics, says that finding a permanent home might make more sense economically since the Games have evolved into a money-losing endeavor for host cities.

According to Matheson, "no possible understanding of the benefits could possibly cover the cost of a typical Olympic Games these days."

"There will be a significant one-time investment with a permanent location as the necessary athletic infrastructure is constructed and then continued upkeep cost, which would be much lower," Matheson explained.

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