Nonprofit Summer Internship - Holy Cross Student Summer Series

Elizabeth Leo '23

Elizabeth Leo '23 is mobilizing the community for a livable climate

This summer, Elizabeth Leo '23, a Spanish and psychology double major, is working as a summer intern for Mothers Out Front in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mothers Out Front is a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing the community for a livable climate and protecting children from the climate crisis and its impacts to their health. Read more about her summer internship:

What She's Working On

I hold a pretty flexible role that works throughout the organization, as I have been putting together handouts and materials with resources that support the current mission of the group. Mothers Out Front has been working on electrification in the City of Worcester to get away from natural gases that have been so damaging and harmful to the community and, most recently, has been identifying gas leaks around schools of Worcester.

Mothers Out Front Worcester consists of mothers in the Worcester area who are looking to better their community and get into the climate change action. They are targeting local and state legislation to have their voices heard and express the importance of moving toward clean and reusable fuel and energy.

I have participated in weekly check-ins, monthly meetings and many coworking sessions, all remotely throughout my time with the organization. An example of my work is my recent effort to compile a Voting Importance handout that provides resources and information about how to vote and the importance of voting in local elections. I have also been compiling answers to FAQ questions that regard electrification, natural gas and data/statistics of gas leaks in the Worcester area.

The Holy Cross Factor

Professor Selina Gallo-Cruz is a part of Mothers Out Front. She facilitated my discovery of the internship from and interviewed me for the opportunity. However, we aren't working together closely this summer as she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study city climate planning in Tampere, Finland.

Making a Difference

I believe that this team is important to me, Holy Cross, the local community and the larger world because it is targeting and tackling issues that are arising all around us. These mothers are busy taking care of their children, but they exemplify how important it is to care for our greater society and environment and put emphasis on what is going on in the world and the communities around it. I am so fortunate to be connected with this amazing group, because it has really shown me what an impact we can make on elections, social and political issues and so much more. It is also eye-opening to see women play such a vital role in making these changes happen for our community.

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