Market Research Internship - Holy Cross Student Summer Series

Jordyn Shubrick '22

Jordyn Shubrick '22 interns with Winter4Kids to inspire youth to work toward a healthy lifestyle

From the beginning of June through August, Jordyn Shubrick '22, a sociology major, is working as a virtual intern at Winter4Kids. Her summer responsibilities will involve putting together presentations, conducting research and working with the Academy Director to encourage activity and healthy lifestyles for youth in the program. Read more about her summer internship:

What She's Working On

Currently, at Winter4kids, I am delivering projects that strengthen the programming that we deliver here on our campus at the National Winter Activity Center. I have had the chance to participate in work critical to the growth of this organization, and I believe I am helping to change lives through the organization's mission: encouraging vigorous activity, generating new lifelong sports enthusiasts, and making "unimaginable dreams inevitable opportunities."

Lessons Learned

A lesson I have learned is: it’s not only about providing opportunities to the youth but also how to create an environment of engagement and excitement for and with them.

The Holy Cross Factor

Throughout my time at Holy Cross, I have not only been pushed academically but as an individual. Being a part of a community like Holy Cross, students are challenged in ways we never thought for ourselves and in turn are able to grow in the world and, importantly, with those around us. Holy Cross has prepared me to succeed in my internship by giving me the skills such as problem solving and teamwork, too. Whether it be how to be a better friend, mentor, co-chair or even athlete, Holy Cross has helped me in a way that allows me to work collaboratively with others at Winter4kids and exceed the expectations I have set for myself.

Making a Difference

Winter4kids strives to create healthy lifestyles and influence behaviors of youth through winter activities. We focus on everything from moderate to vigorous physical activity to personal development and coaching. My work is not only important to me but to the youth. I have been able to see the impact of uplifting and empowering the youth participants in the program, and it is truly great to see how what they learn could impact the generations to come.

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