It’s All About Family

Beth Antony and her son at a Holy Cross event

For Beth ’88 and Brent Antony P25, 22, it’s all about family. 

After Beth started at Holy Cross, her sister followed her to The Hill a few years later. The Antonys’ sons did the same, with John ’25 choosing to join his brother William ’22. And even though Brent is not an alumnus, the couple met through Beth’s college roommate, who was Brent’s childhood friend. The way the College takes care of that family through cura personalis is a key reason why the Antonys give back.  

For us, we believe in the mission of the school and the foundation of Jesuit education

Brent Antony P25, 22

“We see that in action, in the day-to-day of our kids’ lives, especially in the past few years when life has been hard for everyone,” Beth said. “Holy Cross put their arms around our kids and their friends and met them where they are in a variety of ways.”

Beth ’88 and Brent Antony P25, 22, and President Rougeau
Beth ’88 and Brent Antony P25, 22 at an alumni event with President Rougeau

Giving that experience to someone else is another reason why the Antonys give back. As a first-generation student, Beth recalls standing outside St. Joseph Memorial Chapel on graduation day and her mother, who was the daughter of Irish immigrants, remarking, “I would have loved to have gone here.” It’s something that has stuck with her to this day.

“We want to make the Holy Cross experience possible for students where it might be a little bit out of their reach,” Beth said. “I was very lucky. If a little bit of that luck can be paid forward to somebody else, that’s a blessing. That’s why we’re a community.”