How Do You Get Into Holy Cross? A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way, says Admissions Director

Voice of America

Will kindness get you into college? Holy Cross Director of Admissions Ann McDermott says it's important, because kindness helps build a strong, supportive campus community.

McDermott was one of several admissions leaders who spoke to Voice of America about how kindness is becoming a more important factor in college admissions.

Many high school students think colleges want to see a laundry list of accomplishments and extracurricular activities, and the pressure to fill out that list can leave them feeling burnt out, McDermott said. But McDermott said kindness is what creates a positive college experience.

“Kindness helps build a better community on campus,” McDermott said. Having students who respect and understand their peers builds a stronger college community, she said. And in turn, it could help build a stronger society.

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