Holy Cross Student Summer: Ramses Taveras '22

Ramses Taveras '22

The financial industry intern applies lessons learned at Holy Cross to real-world business needs

Ramses Taveras '22

Summer Plans: Intern, Jefferies Financial Group Hometown: New Haven, CT Majors: Economics and International Studies, Certificate in Finance and Banking

Summer Plans

This summer, I am taking part in Jefferies' rotational program. I will spend time in the Corporate Access division, followed by Fixed Income and Investment Banking. It is a program in which I will be able to explore and experience as much of the firm as possible, giving me a better understanding of the industry and every job available within it.

Lessons Learned

Although I have only been in the job for a short time, I have already learned a lot. I have been able to see what professionals do on a daily basis, as well as the connections between several desks within the firm and many of the skills that are needed to succeed in the business. I am looking forward to continuing to see new things and hear from professionals who share their experiences and advice for newcomers. There are still many aspects of the firm for me to experience, and while that may be nerve-wracking at times, it is also one of the most exciting parts of the internship!

The Holy Cross Difference

I believe that Holy Cross has given me the skills to adapt to this new environment and be able to learn quickly and effectively. Not only that, but the College instills a strong work ethic among students, which is something I am definitely grateful for. I believe that Holy Cross has really given me a foundation in how to think and learn, even in what at first might be an uncomfortable, unknown environment.

What's Next

This summer's experience has allowed me to paint a real picture of what it will be like to work in the field of finance, and I think it has done nothing but solidify the aspects I like about it. It has been an incredible experience to work in teams with very smart people who are finding collective solutions to complex problems. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!