Holy Cross Student Invited To Speak at Historic White House Conference on Hunger

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Despite her short time on The Hill, first-year student Phoebe Wong ‘26 has already made a lasting impact on the campus community and beyond.

In a recent Worcester Telegram & Gazette article, Wong talked about her upbringing, her desire to help people, as well as her activism around food and hunger, not just on campus, but across the country as well.

On September 28, Wong was one of the panelists at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health — a conference last held in the 1960s — where she was given the opportunity to speak to politicians, activists and business and nonprofit leaders about ending hunger in the United States.

After taking a gap year with AmeriCorps last year, Wong became involved in activism around food and hunger by working for FoodCorps in East Hartford, Conn. There, she created lesson plans and educational tools for elementary school students and also conducted outreach about food access and healthy eating to the community.

“Food education is so important to creating an understanding and a connection to the process that brought the food to your plate, how to eat healthier, and why it matters,” Wong had told the nearly 500 Holy Cross students, faculty, staff and food-security advocates attending a McFarland Center forum on hunger, just days before the conference in Washington, D.C. 

Talking to the Telegram about her involvement in the White House Conference, Wong called the experience a “whirlwind,” but said she left feeling optimistic about the sincere commitment from all parties involved to end the issue of hunger.

Some of Wong’s future plans involve attending law school and interning at the United Nations to focus on world hunger. But for now, she’s embracing her Holy Cross experience and is keeping an open mind on what the future might bring.

“I feel like I've definitely found my people here [at Holy Cross],” Wong said. “The support that I get from my people here and the connections that I've made are just something I know that I will remember for a lifetime.”

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