Holy Cross Sophomore Helps Students Download Happiness With ‘Chin Up!’ App


In a recent article by BostInno, computer science major Anthony Saltarelli ’18 discusses his new app, “Chin Up!”, designed to allow users from different colleges campuses and communities to post anonymous encouraging messages to their peers. Saltarelli and fellow cofounder and Columbia University student John Benenati created the app as an antidote to negative social media shared among college students.

Students have the ability to compliment both individuals and groups, Saltarelli explains in the article, and taking it a step further, Saltarelli and Benenati have partnered with Make-A-Wish to bring the positivity to children with life threatening medical conditions.

“We feature the children on the app, students...they all send in posts to the backend and then we get them and make them into a hardcover book for the children,” Saltarelli tells BostInno. “They receive it the night before their wish is granted. We want to show them in a physical way — in a book that they can hold — that...they have the support of so many people and students around the country.”

Read the entire article on the BostInno website.

This "Holy Cross in the News" item by Jessica Kennedy.