Holy Cross Sociology Professor Teaches Us How To Score an A+ in Sustainable Back-To-School Shopping

National Geographic

After more than a year of intermittent Zoom schooling, parents are likely to have a long back-to-school shopping list as their students return to classrooms. But how do we help families protect the Earth as we stock up this back-to-school season?

In a recent interview with National Geographic, Ellis Jones, associate professor of sociology at the College of the Holy Cross, stressed the importance of mindful shopping in teaching kids about eco-friendly consumption.

In addition to looking for items that are timeless — instead of focusing on the latest style or fad — Ellis also recommends taking a more playful approach, such as doing a scavenger hunt for items kids already own.

"Before picking up a new binder just because it's cool, have kids search the house for something similar they could decorate themselves," says Jones. "I'll often tell my five-year-old, 'Let me take a picture of it and we'll talk about it later this week if you still want it.' I wait to see if she asks about it, and if she doesn't, she has let it go."

A scholar of ethical consumerism, corporate social responsibility and lifestyle movements, Jones is best known for his work translating the social and environmental records of companies into a rating on an A-to-F scale for use by consumers.

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