Holy Cross Religious Studies Professor Examines the Changing Face of Christianity Today

Mathew Schmalz, professor of religious studies . Photo by John Buckingham

The Christian Science Monitor

Mathew Schmalz, professor of religious studies at Holy Cross, spoke at length with The Christian Science Monitor about the changing face of Christianity, as well as his time volunteering for a Roman Catholic order in rural Oklahoma decades ago, an experience he called “liberating.”

According to Schmalz, the resurgence of liberal Christianity today "represents an opportunity for Christian political discourse to move from the culture wars to the social gospel." It can also offer a chance for the country “to gradually shift away from what they call 'pelvic issues' to broader social justice questions, such as the death penalty, immigration and universal health care," says Schmalz.

A sought-after expert in global Catholicism, as well as new religious movements, Schmalz is an experienced voice in the media, providing expert commentary in The Washington Post and Newsweek, along with appearing in documentaries on A&E and &feature=youtu.be" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Vice.

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