Holy Cross Professor Writes Commentary on Gun Control, Wildlife for the Boston Globe

Leila Philip, professor of English, presented readings during a past Working Writers Series offered through the department's Creative Writing Program. Photo by Tom Rettig

Boston Globe

Leila Philip, professor of English at Holy Cross and a contributing columnist for the Boston Globe's Opinion section, recently penned a piece for the paper in which she reached the paradoxical conclusion that "North American wildlife depends on gun sales for its survival."

The turning point for Philip was learning more about the Pittman-Robertson Act and its role as major contributor to wildlife conservation in the United States, through establishing an excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Data showed that in the first quarter of 2018, the tax generated close to $159 million.

Philip writes that, as we focus on advancing gun control laws, we must ensure we don’t do so at the expense of North American wildlife. "We may wish it were otherwise, but the simple fact is that, in our current system of conservation, bullets save wildlife," said Philip.

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