Holy Cross Professor Publishes Children's Book

WORCESTER, Mass. – David M. Hummon, a professor in the sociology department at Holy Cross, has recently published his first children's book, Animal Acrostics(Nevada City, CA: Dawn Publications, 1999).

Created for children ages eight and older, the book showcases a variety of animals in five different habitats of the world through light, fanciful verse and colorful drawings by illustrator Michael Maydak. Following the format of an acrostic, Hummon has carefully selected and arranged words into a series of cleverly crafted poems that capture an aspect of each animal's nature, behavior or environment. The first letters of each line of verse, when combined, form the animal's name.

A member of the Holy Cross faculty since 1980, Hummon is a graduate of Columbia College in New York City. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley. Hummon resides in Holden with his wife and two children.