Holy Cross Professor of English Critiques 'Broems' for BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed News

According to BuzzFeed News, a "broem" is a new form of inspirational business wisdom that has become quite popular on LinkedIn.

"It’s typically an anecdote about unusual career choices, overcoming a business obstacle, or generally #CrushingIt," Buzzfeed News reporter Katie Notopoulos wrote.

So, when Buzzfeed sought to critique a few of these aspirational verses, they turned to College of the Holy Cross associate professor of English Oliver de la Paz.

De la Paz is the author of four collections of poetry, "Names Above Houses, Furious Lullaby" (SIU Press 2001, 2007), "Requiem for the Orchard" (U. of Akron Press 2010), and "Post Subject: A Fable" (U. of Akron Press 2014).

Read the piece at BuzzFeed.com.