Holy Cross Named Hidden Gem School

Edmit 120 Blog

The College of the Holy Cross was recently named a Hidden Gem School by Edmit, a Boston-based startup developing an online platform to help high school seniors make financially savvier decisions about where to go to college. The platform provides a personalized estimate of the financial package students can obtain, by taking into account their financial need, their merit and the financial non-need-based aid the school is most likely to offer.

Edmit focused on several aspects of Holy Cross in their announcement: its holistic and career-centric curriculum, its affordability due to efforts by the Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office, and the stellar career prep by the Center for Career Development.

By allowing students to first discover what they love, through the Montserrat first-year program, and then providing direction toward potential lucrative careers, Holy Cross earned the Hidden Gem designation through a “heart-and-head approach, combined with a high graduation rate and dedication to affordability.”

“Many students come to Holy Cross knowing four careers,” says Amy Murphy, director, Center for Career Development at College of the Holy Cross. “Much of what we want to do here is broaden their concept of the options that are available and give them opportunities to really discover what’s out there: What do you enjoy doing? Odds are somebody will pay you to do it!”

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