Holy Cross Kicks Off Semester Devoted to Solidarity

At the same time difficult conversations were taking place across our nation in light of recent events — including the lack of indictments in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and the Black Lives Matter movement — they were also happening right here on our campus. From a learn-in in Rehm Library to a campus-wide invitation to dress in black as a sign of solidarity, the members of the College community began a dialogue on race, social justice and equality last semester.

As a community, we aim to keep the conversation going.

This semester, Holy Cross is launching a series of events, called HCinSolidarity, with the goal of opening up discussions across the community — from students, to faculty and staff, to alumni — on diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

HCinSolidarity kicked off at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast and Multifaith Community Prayer on Jan. 20. The continuing series will offer venues for discussion, reflection and discernment on social justice issues that concern all members of the College community; and our role as men and women, with and for others, on campus and beyond. The events invite all members of the College — from varying backgrounds, beliefs and experiences — to reflect on what it means to stand in solidarity with one another. The programming will include panel discussions, common readings, and other academic and cocurricular events.

The many faces of our community inspired one component of HCinSolidarity—a photo and video project begun last semester during Unity Week, called “Faces of the Hill.” Students, faculty, and staff were asked, “How do you define yourself?” The seemingly simple question resulted in a series of compelling images of community members holding up statements showcasing the diversity found throughout our campus.

“Faces of the Hill” resulted in the video included below, and an exhibition showcasing a selection of the photos from the project, on display in Hogan 1 beginning on Jan. 21. “Faces of the Hill” aims to continue conversations of diversity and solidarity on campus by inviting community members to take part in the discussion — “how do you define yourself?”— through social media. Take a photo, tag it with #HCinSolidarity, and check out the HCinSolidarity website to see it become a part of the larger conversation happening across our campus.

The HCinSolidarity website features a Flickr gallery of all the “Faces of the Hill” images taken last semester and the associated video, as well as the personal voices of students, faculty and staff. All upcoming information on HCinSolidarity events and programming will be listed on the site, and will be updated throughout the semester.

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Video by Tom Rettig