Holy Cross History Professor Featured in New Online Docuseries Hosted by NPR's Peter Sagal


Edward O’Donnell, associate professor of history at Holy Cross, is seen here during a conversation with 'Hi$tory' docuseries host Peter Sagal. Click here for video clip. 

How does money make the world go 'round?

In the newly launched docuseries "Hi$tory" on CuriosityStream, Edward O'Donnell, associate professor of history at Holy Cross, explores that question by highlighting some of America’s greatest turning points, such as Watergate, the Civil War, the introduction of the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Cold War, offering behind the scenes context with an eye on money and power.

During a conversation with docuseries host Peter Sagal, of the National Public Radio game show "Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me," O'Donnell takes viewers on a journey along the money trail following the American railroads.

"The American railroads are the largest corporations in the world… and they're unprecedented," said O'Donnell. "This kind of corporation and trusts, these are all new financial instruments, and so how to do big industry is being written by the railroads."

To see the full series, go to CuriosityStream.com. CuriosityStream is a subscription documentary streaming service founded by the Discovery Channel.