Holy Cross Director Shares Holy Week Traditions From Around the Globe

Busted Halo

"Comparing traditions during Holy Week gives us a chance to recognize Catholicism as the vivid tapestry of practices and cultures that it is," said Thomas Landy, director of the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics, and Culture. For Landy discovering this tapestry around the world is a lifestyle. He is the founder of Catholics & Cultures, a web-based initiative that explores traditions and practices of lay Catholics around the globe.

In an article for Busted Halo, Landy shared traditions from several locations, including the Philippines, Brazil, rural China, and Spain. Landy hopes that by sharing his work and travel others can appreciate that "from the very popular Easter basket blessings in Romania and Ukraine to overnight processions in El Salvador, there is an extraordinary range of practices that bring Easter and the Passion stories to life in people’s imaginations."

Landy also has some exciting plans for spending Holy Week this year. "I'll be spending this Easter in Yap, an island of Micronesia where Catholic women wail the Passion on Good Friday and dance the Resurrection story on Easter Sunday."

To read Landy's full article, visit Busted Halo.