English Professor and Boston Globe Contributing Columnist Reflects on the Power of Kindness During Coronavirus

The Boston Globe

As the pandemic continues to grow nationwide, another wave seems to also be surging: embracing kindness.

Leila Philip, professor of English at Holy Cross and a contributing columnist for the Boston Globe’s Opinion section, recently penned a piece for the paper in which she reflects on her neighbor's involvement with RVs4MDs, a volunteer group matching RV owners with healthcare workers in need of temporary housing.

Originally started as a grassroots movement through Facebook, RVs4MDs has quickly morphed into a nonprofit organization garnering support on a national level, with people across the country coming together to protect the families of healthcare workers from exposure to the coronavirus.

"Ordinary Americans like my neighbor and the many volunteers at RVs4MDs show how we can prevail — when we remember our American tradition of lending a hand, the transformative power of kindness," said Philip.

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