Class of 2023 Spotlight: Nicholas Lazzaro

“Holy Cross helped foster my passions as an entrepreneur and helped me to learn how to take risks.”

Name: Nicholas Lazzaro  

Hometown: Millbury, Massachusetts

Major: Political Science 

Activities: HC Launch, Holy Cross College Democrats

What is a turning point or significant memory from your time at Holy Cross? 

My first semester as a junior transfer student was a major adjustment, but I will never forget parking my car at Hogan Campus Center and walking into orientation saying to myself, “Wow, I actually did it. I go here now.” The embrace of new friends, students and faculty was overwhelming and truly defines what it means to be a Crusader. I have never felt more at home than staying up until 1 a.m. in Rehm Library studying with friends, or participating in traditions such as 100 Days Ball or various tailgates. Holy Cross truly embraced me as a part of the community. 

What are lessons you’ll take with you after leaving Mount St. James? 

1. Be your biggest advocate: You cannot rely on someone else to help you. You need to help yourself. Adjusting to Holy Cross was no easy feat. Over my first semester, I found my voice and used every resource available to me where I gained the confidence to ask for assistance from professors, seek tutoring, and speak up in class. The confidence this program instilled in me allowed for me to become the advocate for others within my community as I served two terms on the School Committee in Millbury. 2. Take risks and be yourself: Holy Cross helped foster my passions as an entrepreneur and helped me to learn how to take risks. Encouragement from professors and advisors at the College’s Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society allowed me to network out of my comfort zone and created a space for me to flourish in business. I learned that taking risks academically and professionally are crucial to success and the best way to accomplish your goals is to be your unique self.

What are you doing after you graduate? 

This past winter, I earned a fellowship for LGBTQ MBA candidates. This fall, I will be continuing my education at Boston College, graduating in 2025 with my MBA.