Class of 2023 Spotlight: Jianing “Jenny” Bai

“I firmly believe that people of any age desire the right to learn and should not be marginalized.”

Name: Jianing “Jenny” Bai 

Hometown: Beijing, China 

Major: Psychology and Studio Arts 

Activities: Student Programs for Urban Development (SPUD) student teaching, Senior Admission Fellow, an international student leader in the Office of Student Involvement, and content reviewer and developer at the Office of Student Development.

What is a turning point or significant memory from your time at Holy Cross? 

I have participated in the volunteer programs in SPUD, in which I teach English to our Worcester multi-ethnic neighbors. They are adult immigrants who mostly speak Spanish and Portuguese. I was particularly drawn to this teaching opportunity because I understand the difficulty of learning a second language in a foreign country. Through this volunteer experience, I feel more a part of the Worcester community with a better understanding of the different kinds of immigrants who live here. 

What are two or three lessons from Holy Cross that you’ll take with you after leaving Mount St. James? 

I think my experiences in Holy Cross helped me to figure out how to help others the way they needed. Through programs such as SPUD and Community Based Learning (CBL), I learned to take responsibility to build a better community. In the process, I have better learned the Jesuit theme of helping people who are powerless. I firmly believe that people of any age desire the right to learn and should not be marginalized based on their age. 

What are you doing after you graduate?

I am going to continue my studying journey at Harvard Graduate School of Education in learning about educational technology.