Blog: Ruiz '23 Looks Forward to Meeting New People and Exploring New Places

Veronica Ruiz '23

The Chicago native is studying Spanish, anthropology and Latinx studies

Name: Veronica Ruiz

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Studies She's Considering: Double major in Spanish and Anthropology, Concentration in Latinx Studies

Why She Chose Holy Cross: I choose Holy Cross because of the small class sizes and student body population. Not only that, but when I visited Holy Cross for Visions, I fell in love with the campus and everyone was so welcoming.

Activities: The Spire and Spud

What She's Most Looking Forward To: I'm most looking forward to studying abroad, or doing the New York Semester program. Not only that, but exploring Worcester and Boston throughout my time at Holy Cross and continuing to meet new people.

Why She's Blogging: I'm blogging to document my own experiences at Holy Cross, in hopes to look back at my time here someday, as well as to provide insight to incoming or prospective students as to what life is really like at Holy Cross.

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