Blog: Masi '13 Plunges Into Oxford's Rich Culture During Year Abroad

NAME Elizabeth Masi ’13

HOMETOWN Darien, Conn.

AREAS OF STUDY English major with a creative writing concentration, College Honors Program

WHERE SHE’S STUDYING Mansfield College at Oxford University in Oxford, England

WHY SHE CHOSE ENGLAND “Oxford’s teaching style, rigor, and extra-curricular activities appealed to me — not to mention Oxford’s close proximity to London! I’ve also been to England before to visit family friends and I’m in love with its culture and history. I can’t wait to immerse myself and experience it even more.”

WHAT SHE’S MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO “Meeting British peers and getting to know them through different campus activities. I’m also excited about the unique style of teaching at Oxford; one-on-one tutorials designed around my academic passions and interests will be so rewarding.”

WHY SHE’S BLOGGING “Blogging is a forum for me to reflect on my time abroad. I can share aspects of this incredible experience with family and friends back home and hopefully inspire people who are considering studying abroad. Being able to look back at my blog entries and see how much I’ve grown is something I look forward to as well.”

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