Blog: Maclean '23 Excited to Take Advantage of Everything Holy Cross Offers

The Lake Orion, Michigan native is interested in studying computer science, English and film studies

Name: Hadley Maclean '23

Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan

Interested in studying: Computer science, English and film studies

Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Creative Writing club, Purple Key Society

Why did you choose Holy Cross? "I chose Holy Cross because of the awesome community. I’ve never seen a more involved and caring group of students and professors than here at Holy Cross, and I’ve visited most of the Ivy League universities. There isn’t a day where I’m not surrounded by amazing friends. Also, the academics are super great. Also, also, the cookie baking program. I came here for the cookies."

What are you most looking forward to this year? "I am so excited to take advantage of everything Holy Cross offers. Maymesters, study abroad, alumni connections and internships, service opportunities, and immersion trips are just a few things that I want to do. Right now, I’m waiting for Christmas. Not only do I love spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear, but I am primed and ready to go sledding throughout the campus and all the way into Worcester."

Read Hadley's blog.

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