Blog: Former Linebacker Adams '07 Scales Mount Kilimanjaro With Quadruple Amputee

Expedition draws international attention

NAME Dan Adams ’07

HOMETOWN Springfield, Va.


WHO HE IS Adams is founder and owner of Athletic Capital, a leadership movement that empowers people of all ages and abilities to pursue passions and lead. Founded in August of 2010, Athletic Capital provides a variety of services that enable clients to bring large scale dreams to reality. A former linebacker for the Crusaders, he broke an NCAA record and led the nation in unassisted tackles in 2005 despite being considered undersized at 5 feet, 9 inches tall and 195 pounds.

WHAT HE’S BLOGGING ABOUT Mission Kilimanjaro is an international initiative aimed at empowering people of all ages and abilities to overcome perceived limitations and adversities. Featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, and NBC, the team includes a 2004 ESPY Award Winner and motivational speaker, Kyle Maynard, who will become the first quadruple amputee to summit Mount Kilimanjaro without assistance. In addition, the team consists of two U.S. veterans, Chris Hadsall and Sandra Ambotaite. The 17-day climb begins Jan. 4 and can be followed live on

THE IMPETUS BEHIND THE CHALLENGE “I grew disenchanted with corporate America in 2010 and had a ‘calling’ of sorts to the idea of Mission Kilimanjaro. I began to believe that I could create my realities through my perceptions and I took a complete leap of faith to embody this idea. I saw a documentary on ESPN about 2004 ESPY Award winner, Kyle Maynard, in March of 2011 and knew that would be the perfect spokesperson for the message I was trying to deliver. By chance, a mutual friend met Kyle Maynard and arranged a meeting between Kyle and I in April. I flew from Boston to D.C., pitched the idea, and embarked on one of the greatest adventures of my life.”

WHY HE’S BLOGGING “I want to share this experience because I honestly believe lives can change by empowering people to take accountability for their lives. What if we were unafraid to fail? What if we had the power to bring any dream to reality? In a time of political and economic uncertainty, it is our responsibility to lead and create the positive change we are seeking.”

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