Bill Simmons '92 is "Boston's Sports Guy"

You may remember him as author of the popular "Ramblings" sports column in The Crusader. You may read about him in the Boston papers or see him on local sports TV. Or maybe you are one of the faithful 10,000 readers who click on his site every day to learn about the latest sports news, view the daily links, or simply for a good laugh.

Either way, you will be hearing more about Bill Simmons '92. This self-proclaimed "Boston's Sports Guy" (or BSG for short), has been sharing his thoughts on the sports scene on his widely-popular Boston's Sports Guy Web site for the past four years. Right now he's averaging 45,000 hits a day - and his audience is growing exponentially.

Simmons uses his wit and knowledge to write about sports - both in the Boston area and nationally. In addition to his daily postings to the BSG site on Digital City Boston, he is also a regular contributor to's Page 2, where his now-famous "Ewing Theory" gained national recognition.

A political science major at Holy Cross, Simmons cites his favorite subjects as foreign policy and the Middle East. He dryly claims that this background has "affected his ability to make arguments" - a much-needed skill in the world of Boston sports.

Simmons wrote his "Ramblings" column in The Crusader for his entire four years at The Cross, in addition to serving as sports editor for two semesters. And his sports fanaticism did not stop there. He broadcasted football and basketball games for WCHC for the 1990-92 sport seasons. "And I played an astounding amount of basketball at the Fieldhouse and the Hart Center - one of the contributing factors to my 2.5 GPA freshman year."

When asked if his journalism experiences at Holy Cross led him to where he is now, Simmons replies, "Absolutely... that's the reason I started doing this. When I started writing for The Crusader, everything fell into place for me and I realized that this was what I wanted to do."

And Simmons hasn't faded in his loyalty to HC sports at all. He constantly mentions the school in his column and even comes back to Worcester for an occasional game. He has only good things to say about Holy Cross athletics, and about basketball especially: "I can't even describe how excited I am about the hoops programs - with scholarships back, there's a window here for HC to really make a mark. And they have the right coaches in place, which is the most important thing of all."

After graduating from HC, Simmons went to Boston University and earned a master's degree in print journalism. After grad school, he got a job with the Boston Herald as a high school sports reporter, writing sports profiles, features and editorials. Three years later he started free-lancing for the Boston Phoenix, and soon after he landed the coveted position as "Boston's Sports Guy."

And he's been at it since, doing a job that most of us would love to do every day. When asked what he would do with the rest of his life if he could do anything at all, Simmons replies, "Pretty much what I'm doing right now - writing about sports... Although eventually I'd like to write a couple books and maybe try some screenplays."