Are Catholic Views on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Changing? Religious Studies Professor Opines

Joanne Pierce, professor of religious studies. Photo by Tom Rettig

The Conversation

The Second Vatican Council marked a milestone in the history of the Catholic Church, setting off a process of deep transformation within the Church and in its relations with the modern world. Sixty years later, the process is still ongoing and is continued by the current synod on synodality.

In an article for The Conversation, Joanne Pierce, professor of religious studies at Holy Cross and a specialist in Roman Catholic liturgy and worship, discusses the division within the Church over its efforts to address 20th-century social and cultural issues, such as gay marriage and polygamy.

“I find that one important flashpoint where these deeper disagreements become more painfully visible is in Catholic worship, particularly in the celebration of its seven major rituals, called the sacraments,” says Pierce. “This is especially true in the celebration of matrimony.”

“How the current synod on synodality, in its effort to extend the insights of the Second Vatican Council, will deal with questions like these is still unclear. It is now set to run for an additional year, concluding in 2024 instead of 2023.”

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