Sovereign Bank Through Santander Universities to Support International Study Programs at Holy Cross

Sovereign Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Santander S.A., through its Santander Universities Global Division, has signed its first collaborative agreement with the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, which will allow Holy Cross to enhance existing faculty-led study tours and immersion programs that take students to Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  Through the new agreement with Sovereign Bank, Holy Cross will be able to provide financial aid to students who would not otherwise be able to participate and to reimburse faculty members who volunteer to plan and lead these experiences around the world.

The new agreement was signed by Jorge Morán, Sovereign Bank President and CEO and Santander U.S. Country Head and Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J., President of Holy Cross during a recent on-campus ceremony.

“Through investments in higher education, we are helping to provide students with the tools they need to be the successful leaders of tomorrow,” Morán said.  “This new collaboration with College of the Holy Cross will help provide students with the opportunity to personally experience what they are reading about and studying in the classroom.”

“Holy Cross wants our students to graduate with a deep and meaningful understanding of world history, diverse cultures, and the realities that people living around the world experience today,” McFarland said.  “Through Santander Universities, Sovereign and Santander not only recognize all of this, but also have stepped forward in a practical way to help both our students and their professors strengthen and expand opportunities around the world.”

Faculty-led study tours allow students to directly experience material that they have studied in the classroom.  The initial coursework provides the intellectual foundation for each student to build with their experiences abroad, helping to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  Immersion programs, led by the College’s faculty members, also take students abroad and ask them to negotiate unfamiliar cultures and engage deeply with people whose backgrounds differ markedly from their own.  While in the host country, students are fully engaged with the people they are visiting; listening to their stories and sharing in their lives.

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