“To Secure a More Promising Tomorrow, Institutional Presidents Should [...] Focus On the Needs and the Dignity of the Marginalized,” Says Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau

Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau. Photo by Avanell Chang

America Magazine

Holy Cross President Vincent Rougeau recently penned a commentary for America Magazine, which was part of a series on Catholic identity and higher education, offering his perspective on the future of Catholic colleges and universities.

A scholar of Catholic social teaching, Rougeau argued in the piece that "to secure a more promising tomorrow, institutional presidents should reclaim a commitment central to the founding of most Catholic colleges and universities in the United States: a special focus on the needs and the dignity of the marginalized."

According to Rougeau, the lives and experiences of the marginalized have particularly important lessons to teach our broader community about what is truly important.

"When we reclaim our founding commitment to the needs and dignity of the less fortunate, we can remain confident that Catholic institutions will continue to thrive," said Rougeau.

To read the article, go to AmericaMagazine.org.