Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Legacy is Complex, Writes Holy Cross Professor

Pope Benedict XVI stands with a crowd on a dock.

The Conversation

With the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the late pontiff leaves behind a complex legacy of brilliant intellectualism and the shadows of numerous controversies, according to College of the Holy Cross Professor Mathew Schmalz.

In a recent article for The Conversation, Schmalz, professor of religious studies, writes that it is best to not oversimplify the interpretation of Benedict’s theology, which Schmalz believes will “influence the Catholic Church for generations.”

“Benedict XVI’s writings will be relevant decades from now, but his pontificate will inevitably be associated with controversies,” he writes. “As for his own personal legacy, that will likely be defined by the one issue that concerned Benedict the most: how the Catholic Church can still make a difference in the modern world.”

You can read Schmalz’s essay, “Pope Benedict XVI: A man at odds with the modern world who leaves a legacy of intellectual brilliance and controversy,” in The Conversation online.