No Two People Are the Same: Leo Guerrero's Story

A portrait of a smiling young man with a goatee and short hair. He's wearing a white collared shirt and a dark jacket
Leo Guerrero '24 reflects on his time at Holy Cross before graduating later this month.

Editor's Note: On May 24, 751 members of the Holy Cross class of 2024 will walk the commencement stage. Each path to the stage is unique. As we celebrate the class, HCM asked several seniors to share their journeys in their own words. Listen and read their uncut narratives — how they got here and what they’re taking with them — as they reflect on the Holy Cross chapter of their life.

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Two young men pose for a picture at a Holy Cross basketball game with the court behind them
Leo Guerrero '24 poses for a photo with a friend at a Holy Cross basketball game.

College Hill, the place that unbeknownst to me, would be what I call home for 4 (3.5) years of my life. I remember arriving at Brooks Hall for the first time as a student and realizing that it would be a long walk down to Kimball. I also realized the privilege it was to continue my Jesuit education right here at Holy Cross.

I had plenty of time to think about my future here as I hauled all my belongings to the fourth floor, and I never even came close to accurately predicting the next few years on The Hill. I could’ve never predicted the countless grueling nights studying for an exam, the amount of fun it would be to hang out with my friends or how alive the campus feels during big events. Those are feelings you can only describe once you fully experience them. I genuinely wouldn’t change a single thing about my experience at the College as I learned so much about myself and the individual that I want to be.

Three young men taking a selfie at an outdoor concert with people behind them
Leo Guerrero '24 (right) with Martell Audate and Josh Azor on campus at an outdoor event.
Three young men in formal attire pose with a bookshelf behind them
Leo Guerrero '24 (left) with his roommate Martell Audate and Josh Azor at the 100 Days Ball in Worcester.

I was lucky enough my first year to room with one of my closest friends, who I have known for a very long time. Martell made the transition to college feel fluid and we were both able to thrive and enjoy ourselves that spring. Although our paths veered throughout our years here, we still remained close friends. 

A young man dancing with a young woman on a catwalk with people surrounding it
Leo Guerrero '24 participated in many activities at Holy Cross and through them found life-long friends.

I think that’s part of the magic here at Holy Cross: No two Holy Cross students are the exact same. So many different people, from so different places and different areas of study, are able to come together and form a community in which everyone feels welcomed and accepted. An environment where a singular friend group can have an array of different majors or extracurriculars and each individual with the ability to form an intelligent, unique thought.

My time on The Hill is immortalized by some of the important connections I was able to make here. And although our paths may veer now, I know everyone will go off to accomplish amazing,
unique things.