Holy Cross Student Summer: Mandusu Sidibay '21

Mandusu Sidibay '21

A dream internship in the music industry sets the stage for a career as a creative content producer

Mandusu Sidibay '21

Summer Plans: Intern, Urbanlinx Media Inc and HotNewHipHop Hometown: Dorchester, MA Major: Political Science, Africana Studies concentration

Summer Plans

My position this summer as an editorial intern for HotNewHipHop (HNHH) consists of writing editorials for HotNewHipHop.com under the guidance of the Head of Content. In my position, I also conduct research, brainstorm original content ideas, transcribe, offer social media assistance and event coverage and other general tasks. I write around six to seven news stories every day, and I am also responsible for producing one to two original editorial pieces a month.

Lessons Learned

I have always wanted to work in the music industry, so having the opportunity to be a contributing music journalist this summer was a dream come true for me. What I am most looking forward to in my role is to be able to continue writing original content pieces for the site and continue to grow in my writing. I have had the opportunity to write amazing editorial pieces surrounding the current sociopolitical upheaval regarding police brutality in the country, among other topics, and to truly present my own original thoughts.

The Holy Cross Difference

The Center for Career Development was extremely helpful in the process of applying to my internship. They specifically assisted me in building my resume and ensuring I was presenting myself in the best possible way in order to stand out as a candidate. Without that additional help, I don't think my resume would have been strong enough to propel me to the top of the applicant pool.

What's Next

Working as a HNHH intern has solidified my desire to work in the music industry. I intend to further my career post-grad and to continue writing, while also exploring working in creative marketing and the artists and repertoire (A&R) division at a label.

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