Holy Cross Sophomore Uses “Chin Up!” App to Encourage Positivity

Deseret News

In a recent Deseret News article, Anthony Saltarelli ’18, a computer science major, discussed how students are flocking to places of online positivity due to an overabundance of negativity on the internet. Among other students who are utilizing social media to spread anonymous positivity, Saltarelli is “harnessing the power of positivity” through “Chin Up!”, an app he co-founded which allows users from different college campuses and communities to post anonymous, encouraging messages to their peers.

According to the article, internet users feel more at ease if positive sentiments are expressed anonymously because “it frees people from their inhibitions.” Users of “Chin Up!” remove the focus from themselves, and instead, focus on spreading positivity.

“People on social media are just posting about themselves, trying to build up their presence online,” said Saltarelli. “Chin Up is unique in that your identity is never revealed, and you’re only posting about other people. It’s about spreading the positivity around instead of focusing on yourself. Small acts of kindness do go a long way—it’s easy to forget that. We’re just harnessing the power of positivity.”

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