Holy Cross English Professor Provides Perspective on Age and Pedagogy

The Chronicle of Higher Education

In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, Paige Reynolds, professor of English at the College of the Holy Cross, discussed the evolution of pedagogical tactics in the classroom as she reaches the middle of her academic career and how engagement with her students has not wavered since the beginning of her career.

Reynolds also noted that she made minor changes to suit the needs of her current students in the age of technology, but still practices some traditional classroom sentiments, such as using printed resources and becoming a mentor to students. “The first change is a refusal to change. I confess to falling behind in new technologies that drive classroom practice,” she wrote. “I don’t give advice on papers via email because I insist on meeting with students in person, which I recognize as a luxury of teaching traditional-age undergraduates at a largely residential college.”

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This “Holy Cross in the News” item by Kelsey Littlefield '17.