Class of 2022 Student Spotlight: Brianna Cummings

Brianna Cummings '22. Photo by Michael Ivins

A math and sociology double major, Brianna will run the leadership development team for Team IMPACT after commencement

Name: Brianna Cummings

Hometown: Franklin, Mass.

Major: Math & Sociology with a concentration in Latin American, Latinx & Caribbean studies

Campus Activities: Head Resident Assistant; Admissions Tour Guide; Gateways Summer & Fall Orientation; Residence Hall Association; Varsity Track & Field; Student Government Association; Team IMPACT Fellowship (Holy Cross Representative); Interdenominational Services (Campus Ministry)

Please share a turning point or significant memory from your time at Holy Cross.

Sophomore fall, being an Orientation Leader for the first time and participating in move-in day was a core Holy Cross memory for me. While I remember my own move-in day, it was overwhelming in a lot of ways to be leaving home. What I remember most about this day sophomore year was the reaction of every family I spoke to; because we were so excited to be welcoming new students into the HC family, they all seemed so relieved that their student had come to the right place. It was that knowledge that I could really meaningfully contribute to creating a welcoming environment for new students who later would become some of my very best friends that showed me how special Holy Cross really was.

Name two or three items/lessons from Holy Cross that you’ll take with you after leaving Mount St. James. 

Find your “why”. So often, Holy Cross students do things to say they are involved, but you can’t do everything! Make sure you prioritize involvements that really mean something to you. You can find your people here. No one makes their forever friends on their first day of college, despite what social media might make you think. So don’t stress if it takes you a while to solidify a friend group, or even if you continue to “float” between groups, which is what I did. Take that as an opportunity to meet a wide variety of people—everyone at Holy Cross is pretty great so it really is a great honor to meet SO many people.

What’s next?

Starting in June I will be working full-time at Team IMPACT, which is a non-profit that pairs children with chronic illnesses with college sports teams. I’ll be working on the student-athlete side, traveling to schools across the country and running the leadership development program for them.