Blog: Zeng '20 Shares First-Hand Experience of Life at Holy Cross

NAME Caitlin Zeng ’20

HOMETOWN Malden, Mass.


WHY SHE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “I chose to apply to Holy Cross after participating in the Perspectives Program. During the program I got a sense of the tight-knit and skillfully diverse community of the small campus. Additionally, Holy Cross was located on a beautiful hill and offered many helpful resources for students. I am still proud of choosing Holy Cross because my admiration for our Jesuit, liberal arts education continues to grow each day.”

ACTIVITIES Brooks-Mulledy House Council, A.S.I.A. (Advocating Student Interest in Asia)

WHAT SHE’S MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO “Our location on the hill isolates us a little from the rest of the city, so I’m most looking forward to being more involved and immersed in Worcester. There are so many restaurants to eat at and interesting places to visit. I hope that the next four years will allow me to remember Worcester as a second home when I look back on my college years in the future.”

WHY SHE’S BLOGGING “I’m blogging because I want to let people know about my experience as a Chinese-American, first-generation immigrant (recently naturalized!), and first-generation college student here at Holy Cross. There will be plenty of positive memories to share, but I hope that I can also give accurate accounts of the not-so-perfect experiences as well. I want the blog to be a form of guidance, whether it is influential or serves as an example of what not to do. Hopefully, my experience here will be relatable to you, but at the same time unique from other students’ experiences.”

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