Blog: Zabinski '13 Spends Summer Conducting Science Research in Peru

Biology major to research parasitology and tuberculosis at university

NAME Mary Zabinski '13


AREAS OF STUDY Biology major in the premed program

WHERE SHE’S INTERNING "I will be participating in 10 weeks of scientific research at Cayetano Heredia University, a medical school in Lima, Peru.  I will be working in the parasitology and tuberculosis departments, and will spend approximately five weeks in each area."


WHAT SHE’S MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO "I spent a month in Lima last summer during which I volunteered at a medical clinic. I am looking forward to returning to Lima, participating in research, and seeing how research conducted in Peru is both similar and different to the various research projects that I have been a part of the in the United States. I am also very excited to return to Lima and view it from a different perspective, as I’ve had a year to reflect on the experiences that I had there last year. Finally, I am eager to employ my knowledge of Spanish on a daily basis and to continue to improve my command of the language."

WHY SHE’S BLOGGING "While I kept a personal journal in Peru last year, I have always had a hard time putting the things I witnessed, participated in, felt, and experienced into words. I am hoping that by blogging I will be able to more clearly express my experiences, not only through words, but also by using pictures and videos. Additionally, my experience is being funded by a grant from the Student Grant Program through Holy Cross’ Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies department. I think that blogging will be a great way to share my experiences with the Holy Cross community that has made my trip possible."

CAREER GOAL "My ultimate goal is to become a medical doctor. However, I am currently considering several options for the time immediately following my graduation from Holy Cross, including applying for a Fulbright scholarship to Peru or pursuing a Master of Public Health."

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