Blog: Ojanen '24 Eager to Get Involved With Community and Ministry at Holy Cross

Elsi Ojanen '24

The New Hampshire native is interested in studying English and religious studies

Name: Elsi Ojanen '24

Hometown: Rindge, NH

Studies She's Considering: English and religious studies

Why She Chose Holy Cross: I chose Holy Cross because of the rich sense of community and the Christian values evident in every aspect of the school.

Activities: College Choir, St. Peter and St. Paul Society, Holy Cross Blogging, The Spire

What are you most looking forward to?: I am most looking forward to meeting new people, getting involved in ministry on campus, and becoming a part of the community on a larger scale.

Why are you blogging?: I am blogging in hopes that people will see the joys and beautiful aspects of Holy Cross that led me to the school. Holy Cross has so much to offer, whether it is in person or virtual, and in documenting just what this school does for people, I hope that my blogging can lead to a greater understanding of love present at Holy Cross today.

Read Elsi’s blog.

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