Blog: Illinois Native Vogelsperger '19 Eager to Share East Coast College Experience

NAME Emily Vogelsperger ’19

HOMETOWN Elmhurst, Ill.

STUDIES SHE’S CONSIDERING Computer science and English double major

WHY SHE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “Small class sizes, amazing people, gorgeous campus, the list goes on and on. During my college search I looked in-depth at all of my options and as I did with Holy Cross, it was the only college that I could conceivably see myself at. The college prioritizes the things that I personally care deeply about. Service is a big deal here and it is shown even in the college’s mantra: “Men and women for and with others.” The people here are beyond friendly and welcoming and even though I might feel homesick for Chicago every once in a while, I already feel at home on Mount St. James.”

ACTIVITIES Holy Cross’ Goodtime Marching Band and club swimming

WHAT SHE’S MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO “I am most looking forward to continuing playing music, especially as a first time marcher in the College marching band and getting to know my professors in an intimate academic setting.”

WHY SHE’S BLOGGING “While I was in the process of choosing which college to go to, I read the Holy Cross blogs religiously. They gave me the best insight into what the people at Holy Cross were really like, and what a ‘typical’ day would look like. However, most of the bloggers were from New England or the East Coast. I want to help prospective students come to a decision just like these blogs helped me last year, but I especially want to dispel any fears of living far away for prospective students who are not from the New England area.”

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