‘The best U.S. colleges for a major in English’

USA Today College

USA Today College reports that the College of the Holy Cross ranks ninth in the top ten places to get an English degree in the U.S. The list, generated from College Factual, is a ranking of colleges based on their overall quality. The schools selected offer programs that focus on providing a strong education that focuses on English language and literature.

According to the article, small class sizes at Holy Cross ensures that students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, while cultivating intellectual dialogue. Students in the program focus on the analysis of written texts while developing strong writing and communication skills. Students are immersed in classes that discuss literary techniques and genres while teaching them how to express their own thoughts.

Jonathan Mulrooney, associate professor and chair of the English department at Holy Cross, says " The USA Today rankings note the earning power of our graduates--and that is no surprise to anyone who understands the skills valued in today's marketplace.  But the true strength of the Holy Cross English department lies in its community of teacher-scholars, who are devoted to modeling for students what it means to live a life engaged with literature.  Few institutions have a faculty as committed to undergraduate teaching as Holy Cross, and that comes across in everything we do."

There are many career opportunities for the English major at Holy Cross after graduation. Many students find positions earning the highest average early career salary of $49,000 in an array of fields ranging from business and education to law and medicine.

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