Amazing Experiences, Even Better People: Bronagh Power-Cassidy's Story

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Bronagh Cassidy-Power '24 reflects on her time at Holy Cross before graduating later this month.

Editor's Note: On May 24, 751 members of the Holy Cross class of 2024 will walk the commencement stage. Each path to the stage is unique. As we celebrate the class, HCM asked several seniors to share their journeys in their own words. Listen and read their uncut narratives — how they got here and what they’re taking with them — as they reflect on the Holy Cross chapter of their life.

Listen to Bronagh Power-Cassidy '24 read her reflection
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Three young women in matching sweatshirts stand along a cliff and the ocean in Ireland
Bronagh Power-Cassidy '24 and two of her teammates, Mary-Elizabeth Donnelly and Cara McCormack, in Ireland.

When I think about my four years at Holy Cross, I find it difficult to pinpoint moments. Specific memories and experiences, big games, or campus events- nothing really sticks out in my mind. But what I will always associate with Holy Cross, what has truly become unforgettable and invaluable to me, are the people that I have met and experienced these four years with.

Whether I met them for the first time this past year, or I have known them since the second I stepped foot on campus, I can wholeheartedly say that some of the individuals that I have come across have changed me and my time here for the better. These past four years have been far from easy. But much like the good times, for me, the not-so-great times have also begun to blur. Not because I wasn’t impacted by these events. When I really think back on it, I experienced some true lows during my four years here. Yet it was because of the people who were by my side, who I was able to be there for, that I grew from these tough experiences. Being on the women’s basketball team meant that I had some major standout moments- I feel like I’m expected to say that winning back-to-back championships, or playing versus Iowa in March Madness in front of a soldout crowd with 3.2 million people watching were the highlights of my four years (don’t get me wrong, they are certainly up there for most memorable moments of my athletic career), but those moments wouldn’t have been as amazing if it weren’t for the people who were by my side.

A women's basketball player dribble the ball up court
Bronagh Power-Cassidy dribbles the ball up court in Holy Cross' NCAA Tournament game against Iowa. (Photo by Rob Branning Photography)
A Holy Cross women's basketball player on the right shoots over a player from Iowa on the left
Bronagh Power-Cassidy '24 shoots over Iowa's Caitlin Clark during Holy Cross' NCAA Tournament game in Iowa City. (Photo by Rob Branning Photography)

With that being said, one particular moment which encapsulates the strength of relationships that I have made during my Holy Cross journey, was when we brought the team to Ireland and to my own home this past summer. I am indebted to the families of my teammates. On numerous occasions, they have welcomed me into their homes over holidays and breaks when it was impossible for me to fly home for the few days. After every game, all of the grandparents, the parents, and the siblings would come up to me and give me a hug no matter what the result. I truly felt like I was a part of each of their families even though mine was so far away.

To be able to return the favor, to welcome my teammates into my family, to have dinner in the house I grew up in, and to share a piece of my home with them just like they had done for me so many times was truly a full-circle moment and an incredibly sentimental experience for me. I met some of my best friends here at Holy Cross, by complete chance because we were recruited to the same school at the same time, and through all of the wins, all of the losses, the workouts, the travel days, and everything in between, I feel so fortunate to have met the people I did because they have made Holy Cross a home away from home - which is difficult when your actual home is over 3,000 miles away! For that, I will forever be so appreciative of my time here, because it brought me such great memories, amazing experiences, and the best people.