Alumni Milestones Photo Submission Guidelines

Holy Cross Magazine's Milestones photo gallery showcases the celebrations that bring alumni friends together: christenings, weddings, ordinations, anniversaries, special birthdays and more.

Here are the requirements for photos to be considered for publication (your photo submission must meet ALL the following requirements):

    1. Person submitting the photo must be a graduate of Holy Cross, and include his or her name, email and phone number for confirmation purposes. (For wedding photos, the person submitting must be part of the wedded couple.)

    2. Only group photos of alumni and/or faculty will be accepted.

    3. In wedding photos, please identify the couple with first, last and maiden names as well as class year. The date and location of the ceremony must accompany the photo. 

    4. Digital images must be hi-res (at least 1 MB in size, with a resolution of 300 dpi or larger). Regular prints can be submitted, but will not be returned.

    5. Please include any required photographer credit. Note: Acquiring permission from professional photographers to print images is the sole responsibility of the submitter. 

Please note that Milestones submissions will only appear in the print version of the Magazine, not online. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit for content, accuracy and length, and cannot guarantee that all items received will appear in the Magazine. Publication of an item does not constitute endorsement by Holy Cross. 


Friends and family take fun snapshots with their digital cameras and phones, but, unfortunately, these amateur shots are often too small or too low in resolution to meet our press standards. Here’s the scoop on making sure your photo makes the grade:

  • E-mail the digital photo to us from a regular e-mail account (do not use photo sites such as iPhoto or Picasa, which often minimize images for ease of transmission).
  • Make sure the image is at least 1 MB in size, and a resolution of 300 dpi or larger (as noted in the requirements above).
  • Know that increasing the resolution of a previously saved file will not increase the quality.


Mail submissions to
Holy Cross Magazine
One College St.
Worcester MA 01610

E-mail submissions to


Thank you, and congratulations!

The Holy Cross Magazine Staff