Holy Cross Announces New Construction Project

WORCESTER, Mass. – Earlier this week, ground was broken at Holy Cross beginning the renovation of O'Neil Hall and the construction of an addition to the complex.

The project entails the complete renovation of the 33,700 square foot O'Neil Hall, home of the biology department, and the construction of a 12,000 square foot wing on the building. The ambitious goal is to complete the renovation by the end of August and to open the new addition by December. The project is slated to cost $9.4 million.  Perini Building Company is handling the project for Holy Cross.

Over the past twenty years, the biology department has expanded in terms of its faculty and the complexity of its curriculum. New areas of specialization, such as molecular biology and environmental biology, are now well-established parts of the curriculum.  Biology faculty are active researchers as well as dedicated teachers, and have increased their use of and need for laboratory facilities.  Professors actively engage students in their research, working side-by-side with them in the laboratory.  The expanded size, specialization and activity of the biology department led to increased demands for space.

"While the instrumentation in O'Neil Hall is excellent, the building itself has become outdated," says Professor George Hoffmann, department chair.  "The renovation and expansion of O'Neil Hall means that the next generation of biology students will enjoy a classroom and laboratory environment that more effectively supports the learning process and easily incorporates new technology."