‘Catholics Need a March for Our Lives Moment,’ Says Holy Cross Professor

As part of the Pope Francis Conference, Mary Roche, associate professor of religious studies, presents in the Rehm Library. Photo by Austin Bosworth

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Mary Roche, associate professor of religious studies at the College of the Holy Cross, was interviewed by the Telegram & Gazette recently on how Catholics are coping with the impact of the global sex-abuse crisis.

Talking about what Church leadership could do to find its way back from this crisis, Roche said that it would benefit from listening to the voices of people outside of the church, such as laypeople, women and experts on sexual abuse. She went on to say that "Catholics need a March for Our Lives moment," referencing the movement of student protests after experiences of gun violence in schools.

"We need a space for children and young people to give voice to the experiences, to challenge and protest, and to make demands of people in power," Roche said.

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